How much will this program cost me?

Right now, nothing! 

The goal of the MPCA grant is to reduce the start up cost for households, businesses, and institutions as low as possible to allow us to set up an efficient, accessible program. As this is a community wide research project and we are learning as we go, it has not yet been determined what the cost might be for Organics when the grant funding is complete. In general, the Organics program is not going to drastically lower costs for garbage across Stevens County, but participating in the program allows the county to have control and choice in waste management. This is vitally important as we head into the future, as it is unlikely that garbage costs will be going down anytime soon. 

Overall: participating in the Organics program diversifies Stevens County’s waste management capacities, allowing us to be more resilient to increasing waste management issues and costs in the future. 

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