How will Household Organics Collection work?

Households will be invited to collect their organics in a bin of their choice at home and then bring to a community drop site for pick-up. 

How to get started:

  1. Place a container of your choice in a convenient place for collecting organics recyclables. Line your container with a paper bag or a BPI certified compostable bag.
  2. Collect organics recyclables. (What is Organics Recyclable?)
  3. Tie the bag shut and bring it to a Stevens County Organics Drop Site.
  4. Tell your neighbors!

The Stevens County Organics Recycling Program invites you to pick up a free Organics Recycling Starter Kit from the Stevens County Courthouse and learn how you can recycle organics at home! Starter kits include a 3-gallon bucket, compostable bags, information on what is organics recyclable, and stickers to label your household waste bins! Starter kits are available in English and Spanish.

To learn more about the Household Organics program, visit:

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1. How will Household Organics Collection work?
2. What is organics recyclable?
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