Services and Responsibilities

An abstract of title is a summary of the history of ownership of a parcel of land. An abstract of title shows the purchases and sales, mortgages, judgments and other liens or rights against the property as recorded with the county. It reflects the records of the county through the date shown on the certificate. An abstract may be a necessary part of the sale, financing or refinancing of your land.

Property Fraud Alert: Stevens County now offers a Property Fraud alert service, please visit the Property Fraud Alert website for more information.

Real Estate: All deeds, mortgages, releases and other documents are filed in this department. It is important to search the records to see how title is held and for any liens when completing any real estate transaction. This department operates under the Race Notice Law. This means the person who files first, wins the race with any legal documents and establishes interest first. This office files by the hour and minute. Real Estate Documents may now be viewed online; for more information view our Real Estate Documents website

Torrens System: The County Recorder is referred to as the Registrar of Titles when working under the Torrens System. The Registrar must examine all documents presented, determine if legal requirements of transfer are met and issue a Certificate of Title. When property is held in trust, estate, or is part of a court proceeding, the Examiner of Titles issues a Directive to the Registrar of Titles regarding how to proceed.

Vital Statistics: This area includes the records of births (PDF)deaths (PDF) and marriages occurring in, or affecting residents of Stevens County. These records are viewed regularly by genealogists, schools and hospitals.

Other Responsibilities: Include keeping records of Separations and Discharges of Veterans of Armed Services (PDF), filing of State and Federal Tax Liens and Bankruptcy proceedings, filing of Minnesota Notary Public licenses.