Freqently Asked Questions

How do I....?

Q. Can I contact the sheriff’s office to check the validity of my driver’s license?
A. Yes, please come in person with your driver’s license and speak with an administrative assistant or deputy who will assist you with filling out documentation for law enforcement to disseminate information.

Q. How do I get a copy of my police/accident report?
A. To request a copy of a report, contact (320) 208-6500 or visit the sheriff’s office at 400 Colorado Avenue, Morris, MN 56267.

Q. How do I apply for a permit to carry/permit to purchase?
A. You can either stop by the sheriff’s office to pick up and fill out the form or print a copy of the form from the Minnesota Department of Public Safety.

Q. Where am I able to legally carry a handgun?
A. All individuals intending to carry a concealed weapon are responsible, and must understand, the restrictions defined by Minnesota State Statute 624.714. The Minnesota Personal Protection Act specifies that private businesses, homeowners, and employers may restrict the presence of firearms.

Q. How can I get information on Internet safety for my children?
A. See the sheriff’s office links page.

Q. How do I obtain a Harassment Restraining Order (HRO) or an Order for Protection (OFP)?
A. OFP’s are specified as an order from the court which permit contact between individuals with some type of significant relationship (romantic relationship, familial relations, etc). HRO’s cover all remaining scenarios. HRO and OFP request forms are issued by the Stevens County Court Administrator who may be contacted at (320) 208-6640.

Q. Can I call the Sheriff’s Office for weather information?
A. No, the sheriff’s office does not have local weather information and may distract services for non-emergency information. If you have question regarding road/travel/weather conditions call 511.

Q. How do I stay informed if a predatory offender is living in my area?
A. All public information regarding predatory offenders is available on the Minnesota Department of Corrections website.

Q. How do I pay a citation issued for a traffic offense?
A. Within the Steven County website, see "Stevens County District Court".

Q. I would like a deputy to speak at a public function about…, who do I contact?
A. You may contact Sheriff Jason Dingman to set up speaking engagements for school functions or community events at (320) 208-6500.

Q. Who should I contact if I suspect illegal drug activity?
A. You can call dispatch at (320) 208-6500 or scroll to our tipline and leave a message regarding your information. Though you remain anonymous, please leave contact information so deputies may validate information or ask further questions. All contact information will be kept confidential.

Q. I am leaving on vacation or will be out of town for a long period of time. Will the sheriff’s office patrol my residence while I’m gone?
A. If leaving for an extended period of time, stop by the sheriff’s office and fill out a residence check form identifying keyholder information along with other residential traits. The sheriff’s office will conduct extra patrol while you are gone and will help provide extra security for your house.

Q. Does the sheriff’s office notify it’s residents when severe weather or large scale emergencies are occurring?
A. Yes, the sheriff’s office emergency management division maintains a notification system through CodeRed alert system. You will be notified of incoming severe weather, disaster information, or immediate public alerts for crimes or missing persons. CodeRed Alert Sign Up

Q. I have expired or unused prescription drugs, what can I do with them?
A. Stop by the sheriff’s office with the unused medications and secure them in the medication disposal drop box located in the sheriff’s office lobby. The medications are frequently disposed of through a grant supplied by the Drug Enforcement Administration.