Emergency Management

Emergency Operations Center

Emergency Operations Center The functions performed at the EOC will vary according to the type and scope of the disaster, but will generally involve the following: 1. Coordinating the county government response to the disaster.

2. Coordinating with any local government(s) affected by and/or responding to the disaster.

3. Coordinating with any state and/or federal agencies responding to the disaster.

4. Coordinating with any businesses/industries directly affected by and/or responding to the disaster.

5. Coordinating, registering, and channeling the service of volunteers.

6. Generating appropriate public information.

Criteria for Activation: The degree of Stevens County’s EOC activation will be determined by the severity of the emergency.

Emergency Operations Center

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The EOC may be partially activated due to a potential threat to life or property, or fully activated in response to a major emergency/disaster resulting in an actual threat to life and property.

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Dona Greiner - Stevens County & Big Stone County Emergency Management Director & ARMER Radio Administrator

Emergency Management Office: 320-208-6507
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