The combined position of Auditor and Treasurer is an elected position that serves as the Chief Financial Officer for Stevens County. The position is responsible for the administration of finances, elections, licensing and property taxes. The Auditor-Treasurer has responsibility for the payment of insurance premiums, pension benefits and payroll. After County Board approval of the annual budget, the Auditor-Treasurer begins the process of calculating the Real Estate and Personal Property taxes for collection to provide funding for the approved budget. The Auditor-Treasurer operates and maintains an accounting system that provides a detailed accounting of the General Revenue and Ditch funds. The position also maintains a summary accounting of the Road & Bridge, Human Services.

The Auditor-Treasurer is designated by the Minnesota Secretary of State as registrar of Voters and the chief custodian of official voter registration and election records. The position is responsible for conducting the primary and general elections including training election judges and officials, printing ballots, acting as filing officer for Stevens County races, distributing absentee ballots and tabulating election results.

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Passport applications can be completed at the Stevens County Auditor/Treasurers Office.

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