Household Users

Starting in 2022 the program will be doing outreach and research to develop multiple community organics drop sites. These sites will allow households and small users to drop off their organics recycling in convenient locations around the county.

Getting Started A person lifts the lid off of a metal blue kitchen compost bucket lined with a green compostable bag

  1. Place an organics container in a convenient place to toss food waste into.
  2. Line your container with a paper bag or a BPI certified compostable bag.
  3. Collect food and non-recyclable paper products (What is Organics Recyclable?).
  4. Tie the bag shut and bring it to a Stevens County Organics Drop Site.
  5. Tell your neighbors!

BPI Certified Compostable BagsA roll of green 3 gallon bags sits in front of the brown box they come in.

Reduce mess and odor by lining the container used with a paper bag or certified compostable bag.

Stop by one of these local stores to purchase compostable bags.

Logo for Biodegradable Products Institute, a green leaf and tree drawn in a open circle above "BPNot all bags are the same.  Make sure any compostable bags used have the BPI or Cedar Grove logo.  ‘Degradable’ is not the same as compostable as those bags will break down into smaller bits of plastic – which contaminates the finished compost.

Look for this logo on the left to ensure packaging is fully compostable.