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All real estate documents are available for viewing at our office during regular office hours.


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Documents are indexed with legal descriptions from 1974-current

Tapestry is a "pay as you go" web-based software. It allows for the searching of land documents and allows you to pay per search. Tapestry will allow instant records retrieval, payment and printing.

To find out more information about Tapestry, visit their frequently asked questions. Not all documents are available online. Please check the Tapestry website to see what time periods are available for Stevens County records.

FIDLAR Technologies provides the customer support for this web-based software. Contact Fidlar at 563-345-1283 or email support.

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Laredo is a subscription-based product available for regular users of Stevens County Real Estate Records. Laredo requires a log in and password for each user. For information on subscription plan prices, please view the Stevens County Laredo Agreement Document.

Stevens County Laredo Agreement (PDF)

After you have completed the Agreement and have been supplied with your Username and Password, please use this link to access Laredo

For more information contact the Stevens County Recorder’s office at 320-208-6565