County Ditch Information

General Notices

County Ditch 1

Public Hearing Notice 03/21/2023  (PDF)

County Ditch 15

Public Hearing Notice 03/21/2023 (PDF)

County Ditch 16

Pre-Construction Meeting Notice 05/02/2023 (PDF)

Petition for Improvement 06/19/2020 (PDF)

Preliminary Engineers Report 06/04/2021 (PDF)

Notice of Preliminary Hearing 07/20/2021 (PDF)

Preliminary DNR Advisory Report 07/13/2021 (PDF)

Response to DNR Letter from ISG 07/13/2021 (PDF)

Final DNR Advisory Report 04/11/2022 (PDF)

Final Engineers Report 03/14/2022 (PDF)

Notice-of-Hearing-for-Abandonment--Removal-Greiner-Petition 05/17/2022 (PDF)

Final hearing redetermination of Benefits 05/17/2022 (PDF)

Final Hearing Improvement Notice 05/17/2022 (PDF)

Notice of Hearing for Abandonment (Baumann Petition) 07/5/22 (PDF)

County Ditch 25

Petition for Improvement 06/25/2018 (PDF)

Petition for Lateral to Branch 5 06/25/2018 (PDF)

Preliminary Engineer’s Report 10/10/2019 (PDF)

Notice of Informational Meeting 12/12/2019 (PDF)

Notice of Preliminary Hearing 01/06/2020 (PDF)

Viewers Report Improvement 09/18/2020 (PDF)

Viewers Report Separable Maintenance 09/18/2020 (PDF)

Final Hearing Notice Improvement 01/20/2021 (PDF)

Final Hearing Notice Lateral 01/20/2021 (PDF)

Final Hearing Notice Redetermination of Benefits 01/20/2021 (PDF)

Final Engineer's Report 12/04/2020 (PDF)

Final Engineer's Report Amendment 01/04/2021 (PDF)

Final Viewers Report Improvement Option 1 03/12/2021 (PDF)

Final Viewers Report Redetermination Option 1 03/12/2021 (PDF)

Notice of Partial Abandonment Hearing 03/16/2021  (PDF)