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For Providers
Tom Copeland
  CPSC Crib Information Center
DHS Licensing webpage
  DHS Question submission option
Relicensing Forms     Forms for Enrollment
Application    Activity Authorization Form 
Certificate of Compliance MN Workers' Compensation Law
  Admissions & Arrangements form 
Background Study
  Immunization Form   
Training Record
  Liability Insurance Notice 
DHS Checklist  Updated 7/2016   Permission to Administer Medication
Staff Information form
  Rule 9502 Summary Form for Parents
Fire & Drill Log   Infant Specific Forms
Fire Safety & Pet Verification    Alternative Sleep Position 

  Infant Under 6 Months Rolling Over- Optional 

  Parental Consent for Swaddling 
General Information
  General Forms
Age Group Ratios  
  Accident Report Form
Chickenpox Reporting Information 
  Chickenpox Reporting Form
Illness Exclusion Guidelines - For Providers
  Crib Inspection Form  
Reportable Disease Poster
  Did You Do..Tracking Form 
Supervision- What Does This Mean to Providers
  Floor & Escape Plan 
Too Sick for Daycare - Handout for Parents
  Physician Report Form
Weather Watch Information Sheet
  Variance Request Form
Training Requirements Spreadsheet
  Mandated Reporter Written Report Form

  Home Safety Checklist 

Resources for Difficult Conversations with Parents
  Pools & Wading Pools
Illinois Early Learning Project
  Wading Pools: The Risks in Daycares
Parent-Caregiver Communication in Child Care Settings
  Wading Pool Letter & Parent Consent

  Parent Consent for Swimming Pools & Fact Sheet

Available Resources
Various resources are available to checkout from Human Services:  
  • Family Child Care: Record-Keeping Guide
  • Various handouts
  • Family Child Care: Legal and Insurance Guide
  • Child Care Activities
  • Family Child Care: Contracts and Policies

  • Bite Bag