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Background Studies

Many of you are aware that the responsibility of processing background studies has shifted from Stevens County Human Services to the Department of Human Services. With this shift, there are new forms and a new process to submit a background study. Please follow the instructions below and contact your Licensor with any questions.

If you are trying to determine if someone needs to have a background study completed, the Department of Human Services has come up with this Background Study guidance document to help you decide if a background study is needed

If you have had a background study completed by Stevens County Human Services for Family Child Care in the past:

There will be a time period between now and December 2020 when any study ran for a Stevens County family child care provider will only cost $9.10 (the fingerprint fee). You will be notified of when this time period begins.

If you have never had a background study completed by Stevens County Human Services for Family Child Care:

Please follow these steps to begin the background study process. Here is a PDF on how to enter information into the system

1. Notify Licensor which family child care provider you are completing a background study for 

2. Print off the Background Study Data Collection Form, fill it out and turn it in to Stevens County Human Services. You will need to bring along an acceptable form of ID 
Please review the Acceptable Forms of Identification form regarding what forms of identification can be used

3. When you receive the Applicant Initiated Instruction Form (either via email or mail) enter your information at the DHS NETStudy 2.0 Applicant Portal
Be sure to pay for the study in order for the study process to continue

5. You will receive an email notification that your Fingerprint Authorization form is available. Log onto NETStudy 2.0 Applicant Portal to retrieve the form- you will need to bring this form to West Wind Village or another fingerprinting location (West Wind is currently the only location in Stevens County) to complete the fingerprint and photo portion of
the study

You will only have 14 days to complete the fingerprint and photo portion once you receive this email

6. You will receive an email notifying you when your study determination is available. Provide this information to the family child care provider 

For more information on this new process and why certain information is required, please review the Fingerprint & Photo Information for DHS Background Study Subjects

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