Geographic Information Systems

What is GIS?

  • Geographic Information Systems, also known as GIS, can be used to analyze, capture, store, update and show spatial information by using software, hardware, and geographic information.
  • Geographic Information Systems is a new addition to Stevens County services.
  • GIS operates out of the Information Technology Department and is housed at the County courthouse in Morris.

 What can GIS do for me?

  • You can find the value of an area, even if you don’t know who owns it or the parcel number
  • You can locate public water access points
  • You can discover what types of soil are located on your property and where they are located
  • It can show you the elevation of your property
  • It can show you what parcels are benefited by the county ditch

 Benefits of GIS

  • Lowers Costs
  • Eliminates Redundancy
  • Provides Better Analysis/Better Decision Making
  • Revenues can be Generated
  • Better Response to Unexpected Situations
  • More Up to Date Information

Duties and Responsibilities

Responsibilities Include, but Not Limited to:

  • Parcel Mapping/Maintenance
  • Ditch Mapping
  • Interactive Mapping
  • Mapping, Analysis, and Management of the Counties Geographic Data