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Finding Family Child Care

There are many types of child care services including family child care, child care centers, and nanny services. Stevens County is involved with the licensing of family child care homes. The information on this web site relates to Stevens County licensed family child care only.

A child care license is not a guarantee of quality child care, but it does help protect the health and safety of children, because it requires family child care providers to maintain certain minimum standards of care.

For parents, choosing a family child care provider that works for their family can be difficult and overwhelming. It is important for parents to have a good working relationship with their family child care provider. Parents may find the the following forms to be helpful tools when selecting a licensed family child care provider: 

-Checklist for Parents (PDF)
-Choosing Child Care (PDF)

Finding Child Care

On the Stevens County Family Child Care page is a document listing all licensed child care providers in Stevens County.

Department of Human Services (DHS) Licensed Provider Look-up can be a helpful tool when searching for child care. This site lists all programs licensed by DHS and any negative actions that have been placed on a license.

Minnesota has a voluntary quality rating program for child care and early learning programs called Parent Aware. The site has a search tool that will list child care and early learning programs, if they are participating in Parent Aware, and if so, what their star rating is.

Child Care Aware of Minnesota also has information parents may find helpful when searching for child care and ways of staying involved in their child’s care.

What Parents Should Know

Knowing the rules and regulations of the family child care profession can be beneficial in making an informed decision on whether a potential provider is right for you. You may find it beneficial to read "Your Child’s Safety in Licensed Family Child Care (PDF)". When you enroll in a program you should be given the Rule Summary for Parents (PDF) form. This is a summary of each Rule or Statute part family child care providers are required to follow.

-Minnesota Rule 9502 to read the full rule language
-Minnesota Statute 245A.
-FCC version of Statute 245A- Because Statute 245A governs a variety of programs licensed by the DHS, here is a   condensed version applicable to family daycare programs.
-Minnesota Statute 245C- Family child care providers are required to have background studies completed on themselves and also anyone living or working in the child care age 13 years and up.

Child Care Assistance Program

Some families may qualify for the Child Care Assistance Program to help with the cost of child care. For more information on this program, please visit the Family Child Care Assistance page.